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OGA Christmas Games Giveaway 7
Giveaway on Gleam.io

12th Jan 2020 - 21st Feb 2020

Total Entries: 1167

15x Darksiders 3 // 15x Remnant: From the Ashes // 15x Don't Starve Together // 5x Oxygen Not Included // 5x HotLava // 20x GreenHell // 12x Survive the Nights

1. Campaign valid from January 5th, 20202 - February 14th, 2020.
2. No purchase or payment of any kind if necessary to enter or win this contest
3. The Contest is open for entries on 01/12/19 at 18:00 PM (GMT+1) (“Opening Date”) and closes on 02/21/20 at 09:00 PM (GMT+1) (“Closing
 Date”). The period from the Opening Date to and including the Closing
Date shall be referred to as the “Contest Period”.
4. The Promoter will not be held responsible for entries received after the
Contest Period or for entries not received for any other reason.
5. Entrants may enter only once, and perform each individual Action only once, during the Contest Period.
6. The Promoter on the Contest Page will provide a list of action
(“Actions”) that may be performed in order to gain entry into the
Contest. The entrant must complete all the mandatory listed actions found
on the Contest Page during the Contest Period in order to enter the
 Each additional Action listed on the Contest Page is optional. Each
additional Action performed by the Entrant during the
Contest Period will result in one additional entry into the Contest.
For details regarding the Actions please refer to the Contest Page. The
 following is a non-exhaustive list of Actions that the Promoter may
list on the Contest Page:
a) Follow on Twitter
b) Visit on Instagram
c) Follow on Twitch
d) Join Discord
7. The Winners will be announced on the relevant Gleam.
a)  In order to claim their prize, the Winners must respond and provide, if
requested by the Promoter, any additional information necessary to
facilitate prize delivery or confirm identification, within twenty (20)
days of the Promoters’ email.

b) By joining the Giveaways, you agree to release Facebook, Google+, Twitter,
 and any other Social Network of any responsibilities associated with
the Giveaways. 
c) Any other changes to the Giveaways will be communicated by the Sponsor to the entrants as soon as possible.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook.